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Reclaimed Wood is the Real Deal  

No two pieces of reclaimed wood are alike. Each piece comes with its own history. That’s what makes it so individual and desirable. A floor made from reclaimed wood could include a beam from a farmer’s barn, a girder from a stable or a support joist from a pier. The wood may have been harvested decades or even centuries ago and if you are lucky, it may be made of old growth heartwood.

When wood such as pine was logged some hundred years ago, the pine trees were able to grow large enough to develop heartwood in the center of the tree. The very name conjures up splendid romantic images. “Captain Trelawny dug his heels deeper into the flesh of his trusty steed as he raced through Heartwood, the wayward branches scratching his raw hands to shreds”....you get the idea.

Heartwood is stronger, more decay resistant and more durable than white or yellow sapwood. Trees are now harvested much younger and don’t grow large enough to develop heartwood, which seems sad.

For homeowners, particularly in cities such as Pasadena that are rich in history and tradition, repurposing reclaimed wood demonstrates a connection to the past and a desire to preserve our future by using recycled products.

Whether you are renovating a rustic cabin retreat in the San Bernardino mountains or a modern urban dwelling, reclaimed wood will add uniqueness, beauty and the spirit of the past to your home.

by Jane Noble