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Perfect for a Pasadena Heritage Home

I love the beautiful, older style heritage homes in Pasadena don’t you? They hark back to another era. When I look at them I try and imagine some of the comings and goings of a house, when a trip to the local store was a major adventure and the ladies were dressed to the nines. No flip flops back then.

If you have the good fortune to live in one of these homes, I am sure you’ll want any renovations and upgrades to be in keeping with the style and age of the property. If you need to replace the flooring, a distressed or hand-scraped wood floor will recreate the authentic aged appearance of historic wood floors.

Distressed hardwood flooring is made of wooden planks that have been intentionally beaten up and made to look old and worn before installation. The different types of distressing methods include industrial presses that roll imperfections into the wood as they pass along an assembly line,  color washing and custom distressing that is done by artisans so each plank has subtle differences. In many cases the technique itself is very basic and I mean basic. Take one bag full of nuts and bolts. Now hit the heck out of the planks! But there is skill in knowing where and how much to hit.

A distressed hardwood floor will not only look as if it has been around for centuries, but it is also very practical. No need to worry about the kids playing with their toy cars on the hardwood or dropping a heavy pan on the floor. One more dent will simply add to the character. Distressed hardwood flooring is a great choice for high traffic areas. Distressed wood flooring collections come in a variety of different woods and finishes in both solid hardwood and engineered wood construction.

Even if you are not replacing hardwood flooring in a Pasadena heritage home, the distressed look is very much in vogue and creates a practical, hardwearing surface that is on trend and full of character.