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Multitasking Is Everywhere

Home theater systems continue to be popular and some families still prefer a purpose built home theater in which they only watch TV and movies, but Pasadena home entertainment companies are seeing more multitasking trends taking over. The way people enjoy home entertainment is changing so that it is more incorporated into everyday life, rather than being a stand alone event.


According to a recent Accenture report, 87% of consumers use a second screen while watching television. The second screen trend is particularly strong among millennials and teenagers who use a combination of TV screen and smartphones during their viewing. Viewers are checking devices for stats or sport scores or information about their favorite actors while they are watching a show. Many shows encourage interactivity by requesting that viewers tweet. Home theater contractors in Pasadena report that the next stage is for clients to request more than one screen when creating a home theater.


One of the reasons I enjoy watching movies in the theater is that I am not distracted. For the couple of hours I sit in darkness, I can lose myself in the story, the performances and the mood of the movie. According to home entertainment companies, the trend is moving towards creating a media room that is more multi purpose. Many people who want to enjoy a home theater experience don’t want to limit a room in their home to just one use. Comfortable sofas and chaises are being chosen over specialty seating. Streaming media devices provide a variety of entertainment from cooking shows to sport to social media, that does not necessarily need to be viewed in a darkened room away from the rest of the house.


The Internet is now the most important source for most people’s home entertainment. This means that the quality of your home network is of vital importance to your viewing pleasure. Home entertainment contractors find many people’s home network systems are pushed to the limit and wireless is simply not reliable enough to stream video. Contact your local Pasadena home entertainment contractor if your network needs upgrading,

By Jane Noble