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Hiring a Painting Contractor in Pasadena


Selecting a painting contractor in Pasadena can be a frustrating experience. The following guidelines for hiring a painting contractor will not guarantee a successful painting project, but will increase the chances that whatever painting project you are asking your Pasadena painting contractor to perform, will turn out well.


Every Pasadena painting contractor you consider for your Pasadena painting project should meet or exceed the following painting contractor criteria:


  • A California contractor’s license, C33 classification
  • Contractor’s Workmen’s Compensation, liability and auto insurance
  • A good relationship with suppliers who work with Pasadena painting contractors
  • An extensive list of homeowners who have used the Pasadena painting contractor


It is also important that the Pasadena painter you select puts you at ease and communicates well since you will be spending a lot of time with the Pasadena painting contractor you choose. In the end, the outcome of your Pasadena painting project will be dependent upon the Pasadena painter that you select.

Pasadena Painting Projects & Lead Paint

Homes in Pasadena tend to be older than in some cities. Consequently, Pasadena remodeling projects and renovations often require dealing with old lead paint. Any Pasadena painting contractor bidding on a painting project in Pasadena should be certified by the state to handle lead paint. Any Pasadena remodel project that involves lead paint can result in fines and delays if guidelines are not followed by the contractor.



Pasadena Painting Contractors and Historical Homes

Many of the homes in Pasadena are historical and some are registered as such. Pasadena painting contractors working in the city should familiarize themselves with the history of Pasadena. This is especially important when the Pasadena painting project involves painting the exterior of the home. By doing so Pasadena contractors can establish a reputation for restoring old Pasadena craftsman style homes.



The Best Pasadena Painting Contractors Don’t Skimp on Paint Quality

No matter how good the Pasadena painter may be; the work won’t stand the test of time if the paint quality is poor. Professional painters in Pasadena use brands like Dunn & Edwards and Sherwin Williams to ensure that the Pasadena painting projects they work on look great for years. The best Pasadena painters use the best paints because it makes them look good.



Top Pasadena Painting Contractors are Insured

Professional Pasadena painting contractors carry work comp, liability insurance and are bonded to $15,000.00. Hiring a Pasadena painting contractor without insurance puts your paint project and family in jeopardy. Request to see the insurance certificate of any Pasadena painter you are considering for your painting project.