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Don’t Let Drips Become a Disaster

Top Pasadena painting contractors and house painters know that paint clean up is almost as important as the painting job itself. No client is going to be happy, however perfect the finish on the walls, if flooring is splattered with paint or furniture is flecked with unwanted color.

My brother is a painting contractor and he leaves a job site looking cleaner than when he arrived. Believe me, his clients love him for that. He is also very personable and cheerful. Most of his work is from referrals and the word “immaculate” for how he left the space frequently comes up. Like most professional painters, he prefers canvas drop cloths but there are other options.

You can use anything to cover your furniture and flooring when painting but make sure the paint will not go through. Sheets for example are nice and big but very thin.

Here are the four types of painting drop cloths that can be used to protect your stuff when painting.


Beloved by top painters in Pasadena and professional painting contractors everywhere are heavy duty canvas drop cloths. They are thick and durable so the paint doesn’t seep through. Some also have rubber backing which helps with slippage. If you like painting and are likely to do several painting jobs in your home over the years, it is worth investing in a good quality dropcloth. They are tough as nails so you won’t be replacing them very often. The only problem is that they are very bulky to store, a problem for homeowners though not for painting contractors.


Plastic painter cloths come in a variety of weights and thicknesses. Nothing will go through a plastic painting sheet but plastic is not as absorbent as canvas so be careful about stepping in any paint on the sheet. The paint will stay wet for longer and you don’t want to traipse wet paint through your home. Thicker plastic sheets are less likely to tear but you may want a more flexible one for covering furniture.


Paper drop cloths have some texture to help absorb the paint. They are disposable and inexpensive. They are not ideal for protecting your floor from paint as they can tear easily.


Poly paper blend cloths are a good option. They are disposable yet more tear resistant than paper and also offer some paint absorbency.


Make sure you vacuum thoroughly before laying drop cloths on hard surfaces. You don’t want bits of grit trapped underneath that can scratch your floor. The last thing you want when your beautiful painting project is finished is a nasty surprise.

Heavy canvas will stay in place but plastic and paper tends to slip. I suggest taping it in place with painters’ tape. You can remove it easily when your painting job is finished and it will not leave any residue.

By Jane Noble