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Functional Can Still Be Beautiful

I recently had to choose new faucets for my kitchen as the result of a leak. As I was researching which new ones to choose, I found myself also looking at lots of kitchen sinks and I realised I had never given them much thought. I have never put one in myself as it has always just come with the house.  If you are doing a kitchen remodel in Pasadena or elsewhere, it is worth taking time to think about what you need.


When I chatted with a few friends, I found they had surprisingly strong views on kitchen sinks.  Some swear by the double sink; others hate them and prefer one large, deep unit. Both options have benefits and drawbacks. Single basins may be better for washing large pots and pans. They also usually take up less counter space than double basins, which is worth considering if you have a small kitchen. Double basins allow you to wash on one side and drain on the other.  I have a double basin, with one larger than the other. I find it invaluable so I can be washing up and do food prep at the same time. I also have a high arc swivel faucet so I not trouble filling tall vases or large pots.


For the cleanest surface look, go for an undermount sink. There is no raised rim around the sink to catch debris. Cleaning is much easier with an undermount and it looks very contemporary.


When you have a fully integrated sink, it is made of the same material as the countertop, connected with virtually invisible seams. Also very easy to clean as there is no molding or caulking to clean around. These sinks are made-to-order, so talk to your interior designer or kitchen contractor in Pasadena to discuss options. You can choose the exact size and depth you want, though these sinks can be expensive depending on the materials you choose.


When the front of the sink is exposed this is called an apron. Apron sinks, which are often white,  tend to work better in more traditional style kitchens, though you can make a statement by pairing this style with contemporary cabinetry. If you decide to go this route, don’t spring this idea on your kitchen designer or kitchen contractor at the last minute as the base cabinet for this type of sink has to be custom made and reinforced.


Though not for everyone, using mosaic tile can certainly make a bold statement


I love Spanish and Mexican pottery. To add a special flair and if you are willing to pay high price tag, you can choose a fabulous hand painted sink. Some manufacturers are able to offer a custom design so you can choose your own colors. Although these can be very beautiful, I would feel bad throwing in my dirty pots and pans. I think hand painting is more ideal for a rarely used guest basin.

By Jane Noble